Matrick and Eve Designs: Adding a Bit of Creativity to the Mix


As a writer, I am a big ole sucker for clean, pretty stationary. I could divulge in the card aisle or a scrapbook store forever and there is nothing more satisfying than a crisp, white piece of paper with fresh, inky pens and or colored pencils nearby. I could spend hours looking at stationary on websites or craft stores. Anything that can create a pretty frame to surround pretty, heartfelt words or memories, makes me happy. It’s those sorts of little things in life that I like to take time out for.

Matrick and Eve is an awesome design company that provides gorgeous, creative, stationary, all thoughtfully designed. Their collection is playful, pretty, and fun. Along with stationary there are wine tags, recipe cards, greeting cards, notepads, fill in invitations, and bookmarks.

One of my favorite (and much needed!) products from them were the bookmarks actually (surprise, surprise)! As you know, I love me a library and dream of my own in my home on day. I treat my books well and don’t believe in dog earing pages so book marks are always needed in this little bibliophiles life!



I am planning to use these adorable little California cards to some of my out of state besties to let them know I am thinking about them and wish they were closer. The funny, relatable little tag lines are also perfect to drop a good friend a note. That is one thing I do love about cards, it gives you a chance to let someone know you are thinking of them and how much they mean to you. It’s a simple way to be thoughtful.

Check out Matrick and Eve to get some creative details for your next party. They are perfect for showers, birthdays, and any sort of presents or events.

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