Piper Wai – The Best Natural Deodorant Option Out There



As I have said before, I love me some natural products! I have found lotion, make-up, soaps, and shampoo and conditioners that are all natural and free of harsh chemicals. The only product that was on my list for the longest time was deodorant. Getting deodorant that doesn’t have alumunium but also works is like finding Atlantis. I didn’t believe for quite some time that it was even out there.

Deodorant just isn’t a product you can skimp on. That stuff has to work. Gym, work, commuting…ugh! You have to know your¬†covered in this area.¬†Nobody wants to be the smelly person right? So it has been such a challenge finding a product that made me feel protected but also worked without harming me. (We need that double protection!)

Piper Wai is it! It’s a charcoal cream that you apply to your under arms and I was very impressed with how well it worked. It is a fresh smell so the product itself is gender neutral (so feel free to gift it to the men in your life- they need to use natural products too!). It’s pH balancing (queue singing angels), it absorbs, and you can trust it without worrying that in the long run, you are doing something that could potentially cause problems for your body. Like I’ve said before in previous posts, anything we put on our skin is absorbed in our bodies so let’s have high standards here!

A lot of other natural deodorants out there just don’t work as well as the bad stuff. Piper Wai is a happy surprise and I am happy to say I’m not going back to aluminum deodorants! I have found a keeper in my medicine cabinet! Visit their website and check them out! Add a little more health to your beauty routine! Take care of that bod!


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