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I would have thought by 28, I would rarely be dealing with a pimple here and there. I had pretty good skin for the most part while growing up. However, bring on 25 and I have been dealing on and off with a bit of acne.  My skin and pores are usually good for the most part but our bodies change so much as we get older. Little nuances just evolve.

There are so many factors that play into the health of our skin such as the quality of the products we use, our cleansing habits, medicine we take, stress, lifestyle, our diets, hormones, and genetics. It’s basically like figuring out a jigsaw puzzle when trying to decipher how to best take care of our skin.

The fact of the matter is though, we are all SO different. What works for some just doesn’t work for others. That is chemicals and science for ya! We have to pay attention to our bodies and the reactions it has to things to help ourselves as well as our doctors to guide us in the right direction. Only we live in our own bodies and can truly take a 24 hour surveillance on it.

So let me be real, this past month, I became particularly frustrated with my skin. Luckily the spotted pizza was only on the side of my face, so when I wore my hair down, it wasn’t seen. But who wants to feel like their hiding? So I met with my doctor to talk about factors that may be contributing and I went to a facialist to help get the junk out.

Granted, I have been a busier bee than usual with work, the blog, and a pending move ahead so I already knew that wasn’t helping but I was eager to hear what my facialist said. Her name is Kristin and is an absolutely darling Midwestern SF transplant. I was thrilled to meet her (and hear her slight Midwestern drawl in her speech) as some of my best friends and favorite people in college were Midwesterners.

Kristin has an adorable spa in the Marina District called Inspired Skin Care and is warm, welcoming, and helpful. During my facial, I asked her for advice as she was just as much about natural products as I am. If you haven’t read in previous posts, I have been doing a cleanse of products for a while now and only buy certain things that are free of parabens and other harsh chemicals. I think it is crucial to be mindful about what we put on our skin. I don’t want my body to absorb anything potentially harmful and unfortunately, that can be found in many well known and popular products.

Kristin also said that she thinks where my acne is located could be from diet. I eat healthy for sure but I don’t deprive myself of my cravings though either so when I want pizza or a cheeseburger, I do it. She said sometimes cheese and dairy can be a main cause of this because they take the digestive enzymes out of it. (not natural- bad!) So she suggested that I supplement digestive enzymes. It will just overall help my system and pH balance. So I did what she said and have been trying it out. So far so good too!

Essentially after talking to her, I gathered a few bits of insights that might help you play detective when finding the culprit to your own skin issues.

Pay Attention to Your Diet

As I mentioned before, there are certain foods that will make your body have reactions. Pay attention to anything that may be a catalyst. Also fruits and veggies are of course as healthy for you on the inside as it will portray on the outside. Vitamins, probiotics, and digestive enzymes can also make a difference. Talk to your facialist and/or doctor about your eating habits and patterns to make sure you are ingesting what you should be to keep a healthy complexion. (Note: consider all medicines or pills too!)

Invest in Your Products

Your skin care regime is basically what takes care of the largest organ of your body so invest in quality, natural, safe products that will bring the best out of it and keep it healthy.

Don’t Be Lazy

I have never gone to bed with make up on. Even during the dorm days, I still managed to walk down the hall to the communal bathroom and get off all my make up. Develop habits that will be in favor of a clear complexion. Wash your face morning and night, don’t touch your skin often, and pull your hair back to keep oils off of it.



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