Favorite Things

Life is moving fast per usual. The last few months have been wonderful! Between the holidays, meeting my boyfriend’s extended family, having two of my best friends visit from out of town, and getting on a new workout regime, I have been upbeat and busier than ever.

On top of all that, the blog has reached a milestone – I have hit 10k followers on Instagram! It has been so wonderful watching this little community grow and thank you all for the support! I appreciate it!

So in light of all the fun things ahead, I put together a Favorite Things post to share some pictures that have made me happy recently.

Hotline Bling Coffee Cup? Yup! Good for some laughs!

Superbowl Nachos! Good for the Soul

Tale as Old as Time…. Beauty and the Beast Sing-a-Long in the Castro

Avo Toast

My baby niece is definitely growin up!


Gettin’ my Sweat On!

So many birthdays celebrated this time of year!

Brunch Art

Bloody Mary


When your former roomie/college BFF and your boyfriend are together in one place! Joy.

I love my babies so much! P.S. That storm trooper scares the crap out of me. It’s huge!

Lyon Street Steps workout!

Superbowl taking over SF

Blue Bottle Heaven

This big guy was quite bored and pretty presh.

Amazing guac at a company dinner

Princess GiGi before the Galentine’s Day shoot

I miss London…



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