Lovepop Cards


I love cards. Receiving them, giving them, and I am most definitely one of those people who could get caught in the card aisle for an hour laughing or crying from all the jokes or sweet sentiments.

I’ve always taken the written word seriously. Though I love a good card, I don’t like to let it speak for me completely and will always have a heartfelt note in there somewhere. I took yearbook signings, notes, and cards very seriously growing up and I’m happy to say it has translated into my life now as I often get hugs or teary eyes from people after they read what I write to them. However, I do have one request – don’t read them out loud! It embarrasses me.

I also am a super nerd for art, puns, jokes, and poems so that just adds to this fun little love of mine. I have a special box for all the heartfelt notes and cards I’ve received through the years. I highly recommend doing this because nothing makes me happier than when I stumble across an old birthday card from my late grandparents. (Being a bit of a hoarder for the sentimental things definitely has its perks, nothing can bring a smile to my face easier).

So one day, when I was watching Shark Tank, I was introduced to Lovepop cards and I knew I had to reach out and check these gems out for myself. Lovepop cards are intricately designed pop-up works of art in a card and they are so gorgeous and unbelievably impressive. They add an extra gleam of happiness to receiving a card because they are so detailed. They really are amazing! Not only would you be giving a card, but you’re also giving a piece of art.

We used them in our Galentine’s Day celebration which added a wonderful bit of finesse and I will absolutely be gifting the rest to my family. I’m sure you can guess the Teddy Bear will be going to my niece and nephew and I know they will get a kick out of them.

Check it out for yourself…

IMG_7931 IMG_7928

IMG_7922 IMG_7924

IMG_7936 IMG_7940

IMG_7932 IMG_7933

See what I mean? Amazing right! Definitely a thoughtful extra this year for Valentine’s Day when you tell someone you love ’em!



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