Superbowl Sunday Snacks


It’s here again! Superbowl weekend is upon us! This year however, is extra special since Superbowl 50 has officially taken over the Bay Area. Though there is extra traffic getting to work and the streets are in a ruckus, the excitement is great to be around!

I’m a lucky girl as this is not the first time I lived in a city while the Superbowl was being hosted there. In college, the championship made its way down to Arizona while I was in school and it was a blast!

However, as I do love championship games I also am equally (if not more) excited for the commercials, Half Time Show and of course, snippets of the Puppy Bowl. Our plans are up in the air right now for where we will be watching the game but I know many of you will be enjoying some delicious food with friends at home. I also can imagine that for some of you, this is the first time since the holidays that you’ll let yourself snack on cheese or sour cream. I curated a little list of some delicious recipes and ideas for those of you who need a little inspo.

Enjoy the game!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Footballs

I’m a sucker for cookie dough, particularly when it’s wrapped up in a creative chocolate casing fit for the occasion. These puppies will go fast and are right in the spirit!


Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

Texas toast? Garlic? Pizza? Can’t say no to that! These are easy to make and guaranteed to make you and all your guests happy campers.


Bacon Turkey Ranch Sliders

Sliders are filling, easy to snack on, and delicious. These ones have bacon. Enough said.


Nacho Bar

My favorite. People can help themselves and it’s absolutely delicious and addicting!


Buffalo Potato Wedges

You can convince yourself “its healthy” because it’s a vegetable. Go ahead and do that. Ranch and ketchup are perfect dipping options!


Mini Taco Bowls

Any classic or favorite that is usually messy and can be turned bite size is always a win!


Ice Cream Sandwich Footballs

Easy and adorable.

Capture (2)

Mangia! And may the best team win!



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