My Current Favorites


It has been a while since I shared my last current favorites and since a few new ones have popped into my mix, I thought it time! If you missed my last one, this is basically a series where I share the apps, products, shows, or anything that I am currently loving. Being a blogger I get the privilege of being an influencer and gifted some great things so I just wanted to spread the word on some of the best I’ve come across and also, the things I’m currently enjoying in hopes that you will enjoy them too! Why not spread the happiness? Ok here is what I’m currently addicted to…

The Wet Brush


I have thick, curly hair naturally and it’s been years of trials and tribulations on getting my mane to cooperate when I need it to. Weirdly I would never want to change my thick curls, but wearing it straight, especially during the colder months, is simply more convenient and conducive to my lifestyle.

I have experimented with products and I think I’ve finally found a mix that keeps any damage and frizz at bay when I blow it dry and use the straightener. The Wet Brush though is the secret to my success. I only brush my wet hair with a wide toothed comb in order to prevent breakage but this little magic wand keeps my hair healthy and has dramatically decreased split ends and I can use it on both wet and dry hair. (bye bye comb!). I have had more compliments on my hair since using it and it has absolutely cut time and made my hair maintenance much more manageable.

Plant Nanny


Don’t drink enough water? Problem solved! Download this app and get attached to your cute little digital plant. Just put in your stats and it will send push notifications, reminding you to give it a drink aka give yourself a drink. It monitors according to your stats how much water to drink and times out when you should. The healthier your plant, the healthier and more hydrated you are!

Drybar Dry Shampoo


Ok another hair secret? I don’t wash it as often. It just doesn’t get greasy! It’s a perk of being so thick and it is actually better for your hair as it doesn’t strip you of the natural oils. However, there are some days when I do need an extra lift or bit of freshness when I don’t wash it and that’s where this comes in! Drybar is light, smells nice and keeps it feeling great.

Kirkland Green Tea


It’s no secret that green tea is good for you. It’s an easy way to load up on those antioxidants. However, this Costco brand version includes macha to sprinkle on top and it is absolutely delicious! Try it out and if  tea isn’t your thing, I’m pretty sure you won’t struggle with trying to keep sipping on this! It really is that good!

Justin Bieber- Love Yourself Single


Dear reader, please don’t be mad but the boy is dropping hits and I have to say this one tugs at my heart strings. The lyrics are creative and the sound is acoustic and I already firmly have been a Bieliber in his voice. That’s a trifecta for me.  I thought this was Ed Sheehan at first, which in my book is a pretty high compliment. I have been playing this back quite a few times. Even my Mama is on board.

Downton Abbey


No surprise here especially if you saw this post. It’s the last season and I have already cried in a few episodes so you know that every Sunday, I’m tuning in! PS I have such a soft spot for Lady Mary. I mean I know she and Edith seems to not be able to just get passed it but shoot when Mary loves you, she takes care of you aka Anna!

Barre Classes


This awesome hybrid of yoga, ballet and Pilates has always been a favorite but since I have really committed to making it a part of my weekly routine, I’m hooked. I can feel and see the difference in the shape and tone of my body and most importantly. I feel stronger! It’s really been a great match for all the things I need to work on physically since I have zero muscle retention.

One Day by David Nicholls


This has was a part of my book list here and I am so loving it. British humor and a love story mixed in one? Perfect! It encapusaltes the hardships aof life and changes we all go through while smartly piecing these two characters artfully together. The intricacies of their lives is well written.


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