National Handwriting Day


Tomorrow is National Handwriting Day! As a person who was given quite a few penmanship awards in elementary school for my expertise in cursive – and a person who still uses cursive today- I am all about the appreciation for this holiday!

I love words, written letters,  and of course, anything creative so I figured I would give a special shout out to the art of chirography today!

For those of you who are interested in this lost art and want to try something new- tap into calligraphy! Visit Groupon, Living Social, Verlocal or PaperSource to see what classes they have near you locally. This new craft may also be a great hobby if a part of your resolutions was to start something new this month!

If a class isn’t your thing but you want to get in the spirit, go grab some stationary (I’ve put some great selections below) and catch up on your thank you cards, make a Valentine’s Day card, or simply just send someone you love a “thinking of you” card and use that dormant talent.

Grab a class of wine, a good pen, pick some stationary, and go buck wild!

Enjoy your weekend!








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