Host a Downton Abbey Tea Party


I have always been one of those people that when I really like something, I LOVE it. I go alllll out. I commit fully. (Note: Harry Potter obsession). I’m rather loyal that way and because of this, I’m particular about what I dive into.

For instance, I’m harder to convince on committing to different TV shows because quite honestly, I don’t like to spread myself too thin. I like a small amount of quality television shows I look forward to. Not to mention, I’ve been known to have lots of re-run marathons in the company of The Office, Friends, and Sex and the City. (See? I commit!)

So of course, once I divulged into Downton Abbey, I was hooked! I’m quite the anglophile and I love period pieces so this show just fit the bill. It’s witty, funny, smart, and has a lot of heart when telling the story of the estate, history, and people behind it.

I’ve hopped my mom on the bandwagon and since I’m a sucker for swag of the things I love I have been gifted quite a bit of Downton Abbey things. So in honor of the last season and my love for afternoon tea, I decided to throw a mini tea party for my mom and me and use some of these adorable treats I have been gifted.

I went home for the weekend and enjoyed the lovely setting of an actual, well-decorated home (aka not an SF apartment) and I bought us fascinators (because did I also mention I love Kate Middleton?). We enjoyed some delicious Earl Gray with milk and sugar out of my Downton cups as well as homemade lemon scones. Scones at tea simply would not be complete without clotted cream that I picked up from my favorite store World Market. Instead of jam, we paired the scones and cream with lemon curd. It was absolutely delicious!

It was fun, festive, and a nice mother/daughter afternoon. It added a special flair to a normal day. It also prepped us for our Downton marathon we enjoyed afterwards. Yup! Geekin’ out! I highly suggest you try having a fun tea party as a change to your next brunch. Tap into that inner Dame!









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