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I know I’ve said it a million times but since my boyfriend and I plan to move in together, I have been so excited! Of course for many reasons, mostly involving living with him. However, I am also very excited to decorate and create a home and space that is right for us. I want it to be reflective of both of us – our families, where we come from, what we like, who we are – so I am doing a lot of researching and pinning up the wazoo for some inspiration.

He is mostly pumped for a kitchen of our very own and of course, a bar cart that we have already started planning for. Since he’s into that, I’m going to have him take the reigns on it. Most other details are in my hands. He definitely has opinions such as limited decorative pillows ( every man’s worst nightmare apparently since my dad loathes them too), ensuring that his 49er paraphernalia is on display (I’m creating a San Francisco themed corner), and that we have a huge TV (he already has one picked out). The good news is that we both love nice kitchen appliances, comfy sheets and blankets, globes, record players, guitars, and other tid bits that we have planned to include in our home.

I pin a lot and show him and he seems to like most my ideas. My goal is to go for a lot of neutrals and accent with colors, hardware, plants, and art that will liven up the place. I don’t like anything too matchy-matchy, and I love pops of color and eccentric pieces paired with classic and traditional ones.

Since I plan for this place to be our home for quite a while, I want to ensure that we invest in what we purchase and only take with us the quality items. I am happy to take my time into making our new apartment a home and whenever it is ready, I can’t wait to share what I come up with with all of  you. I’m sure I’ll start a new series on the blog of DIY, inspiration, and how to compromise. ;o)

I jut wanted to share some of the gorgeous bits of interior design that is my inspiration. Enjoy!













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