Birthday Weekend


Well you may have seen my 27 by 27: A Birthday Recap post last week where I explain the 27 things I have learned as I have closed out my 27th year. I spoke often about how letting things go or going with the flow is probably best and I am happy to say that I did just that while celebrating my big 2-8 this weekend!

I had a whole day planned with some friends to go to a  Macaroon class. I have been wanting to do a cooking class for a while and this seemed like the perfect opportunity! Unfortunately, about an hour before the class I got a call from Sur La Table letting me know that their kitchen has flooded so we have to reschedule.

Thankfully I had made homemade bacon mac and cheese, my favorite quinoa salad, and a bunch of charcuterie goodies for my friends to enjoy afterwards so we just made that party earlier and spent the afternoon drinking champagne and eating yummy cheese. It was fun and I was so happy that I had all that food ready or else it would have been a bit bigger dilemma!

I was hoping this post would have been all about my macaroon class but I guess that will just have to wait for when we set another date to make it happen. Instead, I figure I would share some snaps from the weekend. Aside from my celebration I spent Friday night enjoying dinner with friends, Saturday night going to see a movie with friend, and on my actual birthday on Sunday, my boyfriend took me to brunch, gifted me a gorgeous camera (hellllloooooo better blog pics!!), made me dinner (salmon-my favorite!), and took me to Potted Potter at the Palace of Fine Arts. It was a Harry Potter Parody performed by two talented British men and I was thrilled. He knows me well, anything Harry Potter is right up this girl’s alley!

Please enjoy the pics! I hope my happy celebrations add a little but of positive cheer to your blog scrolling this morning! Thanks for visiting!


Champs, cake, and candles!





Gettin’ our bake on! Sometimes it’s just delicious when its out of a box.




Pretty wrappings


My homemade bacon mac and cheese before I put breadcrumbs on it and baked it! :o)




My pals




Walking to brunch with my babe through Fort Mason while it drizzled. The fresh air was amazing!


Brunch: sweet and savory bagel… sooo good!




The performers


Being a chef for me


A picture texted to me of my baby girl. Too cute for words. Not as cute as the voicemail she and my nephew left me though. ( Happy Birthday Zia..we looooove you! I can’t even. So cute!)


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