Doughbies: Favorite New Delivery Service (It’s for Cookies!)


I was so excited to try Doughbies and knew I had to get on this amazing cookie delivery service the second I heard about them! I mean I LOVE me some cookies. Everyone usually has their preferred desserts and mine has always been soft, chewy, moist (I hate that word yet I’m using it) cookies!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve pigged out with family, friends, or my boyfriend and craved a cookie afterwards. I know for sure I have thought and said out loud how I wish they could be delivered to me and VOILA- my wish came true!

I don’t discriminate against any type of cookie (yes I will even go for a raisin one) but a good old fashion chocolate chip cookie is definitely the way to my heart. It doesn’t get much better than that. So, when they sent me these heavenly, delectable bites with sea salt lightly sprinkled on top, I skipped the rules and went dessert before dinner. They were phenomenal and the thoughtful note the Doughbies team attached added a little extra sweetness (not that I was hard up on sugar).

I am looking forward to using them again and I’m sure their other types of cookies are phenomenal. They sent along peppermint brownies to me as well which were so light and fluffy, they tasted almost like a chocolate mouse. The peppermint was just the right hint of flavor too to spruce it up. Wasn’t overbearing at all and accentuated all the chocolatey goodness in the brownie.

This delivery service is perfect for girls nights, birthdays, anniversaries, relaxing nights in, office parties – you name it! It is an excellent gift and you can absolutely be sure the quality is superior! (I’m not joking- it was THAT good!) So if you are in a tight spot for gifts this year, surprise someone!

Ok, so to get going on this awesome service, click here. <—-CLICK THERE!! That is my referral link, YOUR FIRST ORDER WILL BE FREE THROUGH THAT, bringing you delicious, yummy, freshly baked treats within 20 minutes. Whaaa? Yes, just call me Santa! Spreading the holiday cheer for all my lovely readers out there! For all you sweet toothed San Franciscans out there, you gotta try it!


Also, the marketing guru in me has to give a little shout out to their branding too! I love it. It’s sweet, simple and funny. They have a hashtag to match – #doughyeah – and as a blogger, I’m very aware of the power of a hashtag. They also had a funny little message “Don’t forget to share”- Mom that made me laugh. I’m a sucker for any product with relatable humor infused into their content and branding.

Anyway, enough of that, if you are a big, ole cookie monster (C is for Cookie)  like me, you’ll love it! Try out Doughbies!

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