Holiday Decorating Ideas for the Minimalist



For all you minimalists out there, I have some great holiday decorating ideas for you that will align well with your taste. I have no aversion against those of you who LOVE to go all out! Deck the halls baby! Spiritedness is great! However, I am fully aware that isn’t for everyone. Going too overboard can cause some clutter and realistically, the post holiday clean up can be a bit soul crushing when it turns into a huge chore. So, there are ways to feel festive and add some flair to your home without turning it into an aisle at Michael’s.


Candy Canes  in Mason Jars


Simple, cute, and festive. Not to mention, guests can grab one for a treat when they want to. I’m a huge fan of basically anything in a mason jar, but this is a great coffee table or small centerpiece décor and not to mention, quite budget friendly. Cinnamon Sticks are also wonderful in Mason Jars as well!

Kisses in Wine Glasses


These wedding centerpieces have a similar vibe.


Grab some of your wine glasses and put some silvery kisses in there. I personally love golds and silvers as the neutral colors for holiday décor so kisses wrappings are perfect for my taste which I think many minimalists will agree with this too. Again, it’s a great little snack for guests.

Ornaments in Vases

minimalist decor1

Purchase some inexpensive bulb ornaments like these ones at Target and put them into a vase. This also makes a fantastic centerpiece and is a great way to spruce up tables and corners of your home



Put these gorgeous greens on shelves, mantles, and around doors for a gorgeous, homey yet festive and earthy holiday vibe. This is actually my favorite holiday décor idea because not only is it a minimalist approach but there is something so elegant and classy about it. It reminds me of Little Women or something! (I love that book!)

Simple White Strung Lights


Inside, outside, on a tree, little white lights are just for me! (Dr. Seuss inspo there). I actually LOVE little white lights and do not like colored ones AT ALL. I apologize to anyone with conflicting opinions there but white are clean, classy and ideal for the minimalist at heart.

Simple Décor


Pieces that are one color, neutral, without loud designs are ideal for a lover of a simple setting. They aren’t overwhelming but gorgeous to look at. Check out these beautiful silver reindeer here.

A Wreath


It’s classic and welcoming for all your holiday guests. Buy a fake one (I usually am not an advocate for anything fake in general but since I have allergies and we all like buying things that last for seasons, go for it!) OR buy the real deal and get that fresh whiff of pine that brings you straight back to the childhood days of snooping around your presents under the tree!



Add them to your coffee table book display (for ideas on that, see here) or on book shelves or in little remote bare corners of your home for a bit extra minimalist cheer!



Candles are for everyone. I buy and burn through a big, fat Yankee candle every year and it instantly makes my apartment feel warm and homey. Smell can take us on a trip to memory lane and all that pops up are good thoughts and remembrances. Get a good candle that lasts, that’s why I’m a big advocate for the Yankee brand and since they are a bit pricey and we aren’t rollin’ in the dough here, hit up your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx for a happy discounted candle. Peppermint, Pine, Apple Pie Spice, and of course Pumpkin Spice are all excellent holiday choices. Or if the yummy scent isn’t your thing, go for the festive candles as seen above.



Flowers are wonderful for every season and you can use the colors of your liking to add in your home. Poinsettas are also gorgeous, simple, and elegant, just make sure your pets don’t like them as a snack. Use florals to your advantage always! No need to be fussy either, simple white or red roses do the trick!


Alright minimalists, go spread the cheer and decorate it up! Invest in good things that you know match your home and taste and breathe freely when January rolls around and you aren’t taking down a mess that looks like Rudolph’s dressing room.




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