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Happy, happy Friday everyone! This week sort of flew by and I’m really excited for what’s on the agenda this weekend! Tonight is date night with my boyfriend before he goes off on a business trip for a week (back to picking what I want to watch on Netflix and cooking for 1 for a few days). Then tomorrow one of my best friends is coming over and we are going to have a relaxing night in cooking and drinking wine, as we do best! On Sunday, since it’ll be a rainy day, I will be staying in and catching up on quite a few writing jobs I have upcoming! I’m excited to share them with you all!

I just figured it was a perfect time to share a few favorite things from the last couple weeks. Please enjoy and have a fantastic weekend!

May I introduce my new nephew dog, Cooper (they are about 85% sure they are sticking to that name since it’s been quite a family debate). My sister and brother-in-law adopted him and I’m so excited to meet this lil guy!

Flowers and coffee table books via Laurel’s apartment

Silly string madness at my nephew’s 5th birthday party

Ninja Turtle 5th Birthday party for my baby boy! Love celebrating with my two nuggets!

They love their Nana!

Flowers and Shadows

San Francisco is gorgeous! City views for days…

Oh hello SF!

Vintage Cher photo

Princess Gigi getting snuggled

You are never too old for Mickey Mouse pancakes. I don’t care what anyone says. Ever.

Speaking of the house of mouse…My gorgeous Mama on Halloween! (And check out my Dad in the background…yup, dressed as what else but a Ninja Turtle!)

The loves of my life

3 years of being in each other’s lives is celebrated well with wine and burgers. Especially if its from Causwells.

Neighbor’s Halloweener d├ęcor.

Hayes Mansion in San Jose

Vino and succulents



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