Girly Kitchen Decor

girly kitchen decor


Quite the girly décor! This week, I had an old fashion sleepover with my best friend (and her puppy) who recently moved to the city. I’m so happy she is finally living close to me and since it seems as though our dream of having an girly, adorable house before we move on to live with boys is most likely not going to happen, we are definitely planning on lots of fun dinner nights and sleepovers.

She scored a beautiful studio and is in the process of decorating it. I stayed with her in London a couple years ago for a few months and it definitely reminded me of the old days in Chelsea at the Nell Gwynn House. (Nostalgia). So we lovingly dubbed her new place Nell Jr. and I had so much fun looking at all the great things she started to decorate her apartment with. (She has amazing taste…but as a born fashionista and London Fashion School grad…what else would you expect?)

She actually purchased a couple of the chairs you see above and I absolutely loved them! I decided to create a fun, girly space inspired by that particular piece and this is what I came up with. Of course, this is perfect for an all-girls, small space, kitchen nook. I don’t think I could get away with most of these pieces with a man around but I absolutely loved this. It’s a perfect place to have tea (yup, still trying to relive the London days) or a glass of champagne.


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