Happy 1st Birthday Jenna Rose Colored Glasses

jenna rose colored glasses birthday


This week marks the year anniversary of my very first post on Jenna Rose Colored Glasses! I’m so excited that I hit this milestone. I celebrated by updating my blog a bit which I am sure you noticed (and hope you love)! I am still in the process of working out some kinks and learning some new tricks with my new template/hosting site so bear with me. I have learned quite a few techniques in terms of running a successful page over the last year, among many things, and it is still is a work in progress. I’m sure though that it always will be which is actually fun and gives me something to look forward to discovering and creating as I continue to develop JRCG.

Along with all the backend/hosting/SEO jazz that I am still in the process of learning, there have been so many other wonderful learning experiences that have come from the process of starting my own blog. I think most importantly, I learned to let go and not care about what other people might think about me doing this. The thing with starting a lifestyle blog is that putting yourself out there comes with the territory. Not only are you on a platform (literally) to be judged, but you also need to do silly things on the regular to make it what you want it to be. This includes taking pictures in the middle of the day with bystanders looking on, taking pictures of food before anyone eats it, and being a bit neurotic in regards to placement and lighting when you do simple things like cook. I think I’ve gotten my family and closest friends on the patient habit of snapping pics, waiting to eat, and stopping with me when I find something cute I want to snap. (Haha yes, a lot revolves around photos).

The creative process of it all though thrills me and gives me something to look forward to particularly when my day job can seem a bit mundane for my wild, imaginative mind. Mostly though, the writing has been wonderful and therapeutic. Giving advice and sharing things I love has allowed me to be more conscious of the things I spend time on or how I do things. I mean obviously whats the point of giving advice if you’re not going to follow it yourself? It has most definitely helped with self awareness that way.

Another important thing I’ve learned in the last year is just more tidbits and explorations that San Francisco has to offer. Having a blog pushes you to be more adventurous because you always need some inspiration for content so I have loved getting out of my comfort zone and trying out new restaurants, trying new apps, and exploring new neighborhoods so I could share them with you all.

Lastly, and probably one of the happiest of surprises, is the wonderful and supportive community of fellow bloggers I have come across. Everyone has been sweet, helpful, and its been so nice to chat with girls with similar interests. It has also pushed me to make new friends.

The rose has definitely grown from a seed to a bud since my first post and I’m looking forward to watching how it continues to bloom. I hope in the next year my content improves (as it should always!), my knowledge on the backend/technology side expands, and that I reach out and connect with more women and bloggers out there.

The reason I started JRCG to begin with was to not only have a creative space for myself but to be able to write about things that the modern girl/woman is experiencing in a relatable way. I don’t want to come off perfect or unrealistic. I want to only inspire creativity and be a voice that helps make every day of exploring this time of our lives a bit easier, particularly when I know how overwhelming things can be.

Thanks for following along and I look forward continuing this fun and wonderful journey with you all!


IMG_4458 IMG_4457



Note: On the topic of being relatable, please enjoy these pictures. It took my mom and boyfriend giving it a shot (sorry babe, but my mom won) and the candle is clearly backwards for you but forwards for me but I thought it was still good to use since it encapsulates the fun and insanity that goes behind creating a blog space.


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  • Lauren Seip

    Congratulations, Jenna!

  • Congrats on year 1! I always love coming here to see what you have to share! Here’s to many more years!
    Peace, Sarah

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