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So I can’t believe it’s already closing in on October and November is almost here! You know what that means…. holidays! And in my life November and December are not only hosts to the holidays but quite a few family birthdays, including my own. On top of that, being older means holiday parties for work on top of it. Seriously, thinking about it is overwhelming me! It’ll all be here before we know it!

So as I look back on the last 10 months, I’m pretty happy to say 27 and 2015 has been a fantastic time so far. So many vacations, celebrations, and weddings and 2016 is only going to bring more happy changes and celebrations so bring it on! (Hello planner consisting of wedding dates)!

As the years go by, I realize how much I associate what my favorite things are at that time with the memories of what is going on in my life. For instance, the summer after freshman year of college I remember locking myself up in my room reading the last Harry Potter or KC and JoJo’s All My Life slams me right back to middle school or Frankie Valli music makes me practically smells sunscreen and lake water while on the boat growing up. Pumpkin candles remind me of every holiday and the taste of my mom’s home made pasta is every Sunday night growing up when my late Nana and Grandpa would come over for dinner.

It’s these memories that make me wonder what is going on now that I’ll take with me. So, as a bit of a time capsule and to just share what’s “hip, hot and happening” (cool…) in my life, I just wanted to share with all you, my gorgeous readers, my current favorites.

Adele – Hello


Oh hi, the Queen has returned. Since “Someone Like You” is essentially 2011 for me even though the song related to my life not even a teensy bit, I’m pretty sure Hello will be the same for this ladder part of 2015. Her pipes are out of this world and I’ve been hosting quite a few car and shower concerts as of late from it. (Jason, Roomies…enjoy!).

The Skimm


This is not new for many but weirdly enough, new for me. After studying hard journalism in college, I am very aware of the negative feelings one can get from reading or watching the news too much. It’s emotionally draining at times. However, I do feel conflicted on this because I am a person who finds it so important to figure out what you believe and stand by it as well as being knowledgeable on world affairs. This site sums the important tidbits up easily for me. It makes it so that I am on top of things and educated on current events. The best part? It is so conducive to my lifestyle as I am always on the go or at work and with the blog, have plenty of things I need to read so it allows me to fit in all the goods without divulging too much on the negative, nitty-gritty details whilst drinking my morning tea. (Some info is just a later in the day sorta thing, ya know?)

Flannels and Chunky Sweaters


I’m a miserable morning person. These cozy yet cute autumn appropriate go-to looks are top of my list these days.

Paper Towns


The current read. It’s also coming out on DVD but follow my lead and read the book before watching the movie. I know, I know it sounds pretentious but you always get more out of a book. I promise

Essential Oils


They are my go-to for relaxation and this aroma therapy wonders have really integrated into my life quite well. Shout out to my sister for the introduction!

The Affair


Personalities, psychology and sociology are all topics that I am interested in. I swear, I have been a psychoanalyzer since childhood and have always had a curiosity for how everyone thinks. (Such a typical hobby from a classic over thinker like myself). I think this is why I love reading, movies and acting and doing theater so much. Perspectives are fascinating and this is one of the reasons I love this show. I’m pretty relentless on my impatience for disloyalty. However, this show was one I was willing to watch just due to the subtle changes and differences that the show highlights as it covers each character’s point of view. Watch it! It’s good. But don’t be one of those people either who watches it and loses faith in monogamy or marriage. Take it for what it is.

7 Minute Workout App


Now that it gets darker earlier, its pretty difficult for me to want to get to the gym after work. So to make up for the lack of sweat I would otherwise get at the gym, I do the seven minute app a couple times and I highly recommend it! This interval training workout app really does its job and leaves me sore and sweaty, which is the goal! I literally am having issues getting out of my office chair today since my quads are so sore. #getmefitplease

Adult Coloring Books


If you read blogs, you know the creative at heart are always the minds behind them. So, because my marketing job doesn’t always allow me to be creative with my hands and balance work and life can be stressful, adult coloring books are my favorite mindless activity to unwind and create art. Sounds silly but it really is soothing.

The Intern


I loved this movie so much! I can also relate a lot to it in because it’s about a woman in business trying to make things happen for her company (though yes, I am not blind and see that my scenario is on a much smaller scale) but it is nice and inspiring to see characters in films that are successful women. I also love Nancy Meyers films like I said in a previous post so it’s definitely a current favorite.

This Blog

Well now is as good as ever to let you guys know that my little side hobby here that I love so much is getting a revamp so look forward to some changes! This has actually taken up a lot of my free time which is okay by me as I am learning a lot, meeting great people and doing a lot of fun things! Stay tuned!

Please share with me too anything that is your current favorite too as I am always happy to try out new recipes, listen to new songs or watch a recommended movie or TV show!



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  • Lauren Seip

    Jenna! I love this post! Isn’t the new Adele song fabulous? And I can’t agree more…adult coloring books are what I do too to relax every evening…if there’s no wine in the house haha!

    • Thanks so much Lauren! And gosh yes!!! It’s all I’m listening to! Can’t get sick of it…chills every time! Every. Single. Time. Haha and really… adult coloring books are the perfect alternative! Hope all is well with you!!

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