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union larder

Yesterday was a special day as it was my friend’s birthday (and her twin sister too of course but as she is in Europe, she was absent during the celebration). A few of us girls headed over to Union Larder in Russian Hill. I had only heard good things though hadn’t experienced it yet myself and it must be said, it was a pretty fantastic place!

We ordered salads, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese, hummus, pretzel bread and of course cured meats galore. Paired with wine, it was basically my favorite things, particularly when the birthday girl shared her gifted cookies with all of us. I felt like it was my own birthday and I was spoiled with all my favorite foods: cheese, wine, cookies and bread. (The recipe of bliss).

This is a great place to go for a date, a girl’s night out or a casual happy hour with a small group of coworkers or friends. The décor was trendy, clean and welcoming and the service was exceptional as I’m pretty sure I didn’t go without wine for a single moment.

I give it full stars and am happy that my friend had a great birthday at a yummy place!


The building next door had the year of me and my friend’s birth as an address…so basically I had to take this. Sorry T Swift but 1989 who? It’s allll about the 87!

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