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Happy Tuesday!! I hope you all had an amazing, end-of-the-summer, Labor Day weekend! I definitely did! I went down to the central coast with my family to celebrate my cousin’s wedding and needless to say, it was a blast! We had so much fun eating, dancing, laughing, and celebrating together.

This weekend I will be headed down to Solvang for another wedding and the fun won’t stop there since  I will traveling to Vancouver and Austin the last two weekends of the month so I’ll have lots of great adventures to share! So, as a way to ease back into the week, I did a Things to Love post. Have fun lookin’!

You may have noticed this is my millionth pic of clam chowder in my things to love series… I guess you can tell I really enjoy a good bowl of it. This particular bit of amazingness was from Steamers in Pismo Beach.

Flowers from a wedding make perfect kitchen décor.

My two boys playin’ bocce ball

My Daddio the wedding officiant

Bloody Mary Bar

The two most adorable parents in the world. My first loves.


The groom with his cousins before he got hitched!

Cute lil barn


So I went to the Disney store for my niece and nephew..bought them some things and also bought myself this….and my pup is checkin out the new Olaf.

You can’t call it a road trip in California without stopping at In-N-Out

A far healthier breakfast…yogurt, cottage cheese, bananas, chia seeds and cereal. Green Tea to wash it down!


The newest addition to my room.

All Vegan Mexican Floutas in the Mission at Casa Madre

Lovin this shirt!

A Dr. Seuss Tree…

Never EVER gets old…


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