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I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the blog community is one of the most supportive out there. Everyone is willing to help each other out, share advice and bring together great ideas. My experience meeting friends and finding inspiration has thus far been a positive one.

As a blogger, you need to read blogs! It gives you a better sense of that community you are involved in and creates a fantastic foundation that helps you find your own voice for your page. I have quite a few go-to blogs I visit regularly and I wanted to share some of my favorite posts.

Advice from a Twenty Something:

How To Survive Your First Trip Together

I love Amanda’s blog. It is for sure one of my absolute favorites. Not only is her style totally up my alley but her relatable, funny narrative makes you feel like she’s a friend and someone you actually want to ask advice. This article is one of my favorites from her excellent advice to her literal LOL worthy honesty. I figured I would share this post too since my boyfriend and I just got back from vacation together and I’m sure there are a lot of other couples out there doing the same! Enjoy!

Cup of Jo

My Beauty Uniform: Gemma

I absolutely love Cup of Jo. Joanna’s blog is one that actually inspired me to want to try it myself. She has such a real, natural vibe to her writing and the things she posts. There are no bells and whistles here, just women, honesty and solid advice and discussions. Her Beauty Uniform Series is one of my favorites. It’s fascinating to learn other women’s everyday beauty regimes and how they view themselves. It’s so refreshing and relatable and a great way to find awesome new tricks or advice. She also has a motherhood around the world series which I am obsessed with. It’s so intriguing to learn about other cultures and people’s experiences living as expats.

I picked Gemma’s Beauty Uniform pretty much because I think this chick is a badass. She’s funny, a writer, a mother and someone you would definitely want to sit down with, have a cocktail and pick her brain.

The Elgin Avenue

Beauty Lessons from my Mama

Monica lives in the UK. I believe her mother is Italian and her father is British so not only do I relate to her beauty regimes in terms of having fair yet olive skin…(English and Mediterranean combo!) but I am an Anglophile and very connected to my Italian culture so I love hearing what she has to say. Also, she’s absolutely adorable with such fantastic taste.

The article above is one of my favorites because it is so beautifully personal. It is her mother’s advice and I really enjoyed reading not only the advice but Monica’s take on her mother’s beauty in her eyes and how special it was to her. It was so sweet. I also loved reading about her mom’s culture and how that affected her views on beauty as well.

Champagne for Everyday

SPF Addict Clothing + Sun Protection Hacks = Look Young Forever!

I recently met Jill and she is so sweet and I really love her blog. I wanted to share this post because helllooo it’s summer! We all need the extra protection and I’m with her on being smart about it! Tanning til you fry is just out of style and unhealthy so these are some great options to staying safe and keeping your youthful glow!

The Everygirl

Southern Living Associate Travel + Culture Editor Lacy Morris

I’m  borderline obsessed with The Everygirl. I love how they focus on careers and tell women’s empowering stories and journeys to finding their passions. It’s an honest, fun, stylish blog for a real woman of today’s world. It’ll give you advice on dating, to mental health, to entertaining, to shopping, to world events and will always promote a healthy lifestyle on the out and inside. I’m into it ;o)

They do a Career Profile series and Lacy Morris’ is by far my favorite. Scroll down and read her advice. Don’t be surprised if you tear up a bit in how much you relate to her. She’ll be your new best friend. You’ll just want to have a wine night with her STAT.

Mon Petit Four

Strawberry Flaugnard

I love this blog. It’s gorgeous as is every thing posted in it. Gorgeous and delicious. Mouthwatering. Ahh! French pastries are by far my favorite and Beeta knows what is up! Strawberry is usually my go-to flavor and I love the fruit alone as a snack so can you imagine my feelings when I see a bready, carby recipe of joy? Check out that link and explore all her other magnifique creations!

A Lady Goes West

A Few Reflections From a New Puppy Parent

I recently met the fit and bubbly Ashley at the Vint event and I love, love her blog! She is clearly a go-getter and has a fun energy to be around. I loved this post she recently did because I am definitely an animal lover (I may or may not pin baby animals on Pinterest every AM on the bus…) and I think it is SO important for people to understand the responsibility of having a pet. This article is a great prep for that!

Sunshine Daydream

Outfit Inspiration / Petaluma-Sonoma Fair

My friend Tiffany not only has a stunning blog but is quite the talented photographer. I am completely in LOVE with this post, outfit ideas and the pictures. It just makes me want to jump right into them and have a day on the fairgrounds. The girl really knows how to accentuate colors and bring out the authenticity of a photograph!

Strum Simmer Sip

Bloggers Get Butterflies Too (Why Blogging Is Scary But Totally Worth It)

Lisa is one talented girl. Not only does she know food, but she sings, plays guitar, is off to get her MBA and knows how to relate to her audience. I loved this post so much. Blogging IS scary. There is so much of a sense of feeling judged by trying something new, putting yourself out there or expressing your thoughts and opinion but alas, it is the burden of a creative person. Our craft is subjective but go for it! Life it so short to care! This is a down-to-earth honest post and I loved it. I’m so happy and proud of her for writing it!

Moi Contre La Vie

Working Out and Listening to Your Body

I also met Caity at the Vint event. She was my partner and definitely a sweetheart because there were some questionable, hilarious exercise moves we had to do and if neither one of us had a sense of humor it could have been awkward. Plus, she was super sweet to me about my ridiculous wrist pain which didn’t make me the best push up partner so I decided to read some of her fitness advice on her blog and I came across the article above. I LOVED it. It is so important to listen to your body when you exercise. Everyone moves at different paces and has different limitations so it is important to honor that, particularly when you are in work out classes that have more a competitive nature to them.

A Side of Sweet

Gorgonzola Cheese, Peach and Bacon Flatbread Pizzas

Kelly from A Side of Sweet is an SF blogger who has some amazing content. I came across this recipe on her site and it is EXACTLY the type of flavors that I always either create or try to find new ideas for. I mean a salty meat, a delicious cheese and a good fruit…on carby goodness? Ahhh! Swoon! It reminds me of a Brie dish I often make for my family during the holidays so I wanted to share her recipe here since it is one of my absolute favorites!



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  • Lisa Follmuth

    Amazing post Jenna! I’ve been overwhelmed with my Bloglovin’ feed lately so I can’t wait to just read through all of these (because I know you have great taste in blogs!) And huge thank you for the kind words about my post! I’m going to miss hanging out in SF but I’m glad we can stay in touch via our blogs! xo

    ♥ Lisa
    strum simmer sip

    • Aww thanks!! And of course! You are forever my first blog friend and I’m so happy to help when I can. We will definitely stay in touch and I can’t wait to hear about your new adventures and once you make your way back to SF…more adventures to come! :o)

  • Hi Jenna! Ohhh thank so much for including me and my post about pets. That’s not my normal topic, yet I was happy to see so many dog lovers out there enjoyed it! Once again, so great meeting you! Hope all is well! 🙂

    • Oh I’m sure you will find it a nice way to connect with your readers and gain more since SF is such a dog-loving city! So great meeting you too! Thanks for the pup post! ;o)

  • Love this round-up! Honored to have made the cut.

    Anytime you need a workout buddy – I’m up for round two! ❤

    • Haha yes!! I will definitely keep that in mind. No one has been nicer about my weak little wrist more than you! Let’s plan something soon!

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