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In the spirit of summer reading and the release of Go Set a Watchmen, I wanted to share this awesome picture I found. Click here for more information on it but it is essentially a map of great books and the states they took place in.

I also have an exciting announcement regarding the world of reading, books and stories! One of my best friends Stephanie and I have decided to do a fun collaboration. After meeting a few weeks after our sixteenth birthdays (we are five days a part) at rehearsal for a play we were doing, a lifelong friendship budded. As for essentially being cut from the same cloth when it comes to views on family, friends, and loyalty, we also bonded over our shared love of musicals, Keira Knightley obsession, scrapbook hobby and OF COURSE, our love of reading.

After high school, Steph went to school in Boston and currently lives in New York City whereas my path took me to San Diego and Arizona for school and LA and SF for post grad living. She is one of the most well-traveled, thoughtful, eloquent, intelligent people I know (not to mention she is simply stunning) and I miss having her near. We’ve done pretty good for our bicoastal friendship over the years and we have since found another way to keep in touch…drumroll please…BOOK TUBE!

She had this amazing idea that we share videos of us discussing the books we read together on video chats on You Tube. Basically it’s a video queue going back and forth on our ideas, feelings and thoughts on what we have been reading, essentially our digital book club!

Once we are ready, I’m going to set up links on the blog so you can join in and watch Steph and I translate our thoughts on our shared passions and see how these friends from teenagers to young adults have maintained their dialogue. Title and more info to be released soon! ;o) I hope all you fellow bookish readers are excited!

Also, please check out Call Me Ishmael. (Yup first words in Moby Dick). Steph and her longtime love and boyfriend, Logan, have created this awesome site related to the idea of books. (It’s really amazing! You can probably see why I’m so proud of her!) Just call the number (hey Ishmael!) and tell good ole’ Ish what you thought of a book. It’s a great way to discover new reading.

On that note, I can’t wait to share more! Everyone please have a good weekend!



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