The Birchbox and Gap Event

IMG_4196Wednesday evening I met up with a new friend, Lisa (whose talents and blog I will introduce in a later post) and we went to the Birchbox + Gap event on the Gap store of Market Street.

I had never really been to quite an event and was unsure of what to expect. Though if I had guessed, it would be exactly as I imagined; a bunch of well-dressed girls, lots of pink and lots of products! And sure enough, it was!

Waiters carrying around trays of champagne and cheesy, soft, yummy, chive biscuits (it was after work, I was hungry hence all the adjectives) weaved their way around the crowds, serving everyone delicious sips and eats.

Girls giggled, laughed and talked as music played and they tried out samples, filled up their Birchboxes and shopped at the GAp for 30% off. It was quite the successful event. Lisa and I also met the ever so stylish, successful fellow San Francisco blogger Julia Engel which was fun!

The event was so popular that the free samples offered if you posted a picture on Instagram with the sponsored hashtag #gapxbirchbox, ran out before we could get one! As a fan of Birchbox  (my monthly grown up girl goodie bag!) and meeting new people, this was a great event! I’ll be sure to look out for more like them in the future. This particular Birchbox + Gap tour is also coming to other cities other than San Francisco. See here for a full schedule.


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