Juice It Up!

IMG_3559I have mentioned this before and I am sure all my fellow city dwellers can relate, but it can be difficult to eat healthy in the city! A lot people who live here don’t have a car so that makes a quick trip to Trader Joe’s unlikely. And those of you like me who do have a car in the city but park on the street, it can turn into an ordeal when you have to drop off your food quickly at your apartment while your emergency lights blink and then run to your car, spending the next 10 minutes searching for a spot, walk back and find your ice cream pretty much melted. (Fail!)

Moral of the story: city living is just not conducive for these sorts of errands. It’s easier to walk or stop by a smaller grocery store and buy things for a couple days than it is to mass shop. Either way, this is what I miss most about suburban life!

So how do you eat healthy you ask? Welp, my new favorite way is through drinking juices! I am in no way an advocate for dieting. You do you but I think eating whole foods, exercising and treating yourself occasionally all the while not obsessing about diets is probably anyone’s best bet when it comes to that matter. Anyway, more to the point, I am definitely not suggesting to trade a meal in for a juice but what I am saying is that it makes a wonderful addition to your meals and gives you an easy dose of all those yummy vitamins that your body needs and craves. It’s simply a convenient and healthy option.

There are lots of places to get delicious juices. I know Starbucks has their Evolution brand and there are many folks out there who have their own juicers. By my work however, there is a Pressed Juicery and it has turned into my go-to. I am a big fan of the Beets 2 juice especially since it has carrot in it which I love and also is good for the ladies since it can balance hormones.

Try to go for the juices with the greens since of course we know how good they are for us! These are pH balancing options to add to your diet so be brave little soldier! I know green juice really freaks some people out but as I’ve said before, if you can take shots, you can do this! (I believe in you!) So hop on the bandwagon and try it out! (And tell your bod, you’re welcome!)


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