Honey, Lemon and Ginger Tea

IMG_1335Let’s face it. Growing up in California, I have been spoiled with weather, then I went ahead and went to school in San Diego and Arizona, keeping me pretty stagnant in terms of my experience in living in cold weather.

When I went to London, it was the first time I was really living in freezing weather. I think the funniest part about it all is the days that we picked to sight see all the staples(Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Eye, etc.) were the most freezing. Half the time we took pictures, looked around then rushed for shelter and tea.

Tea time was one of my most favorite parts of life in London. Having already been a tea drinker, I enjoyed the social and hospitable representation of tea time and how it was a time to relax.

Laurel took me to a little café on Carnaby Street and introduced me to a huge teacup filled with some delicious, warm, healthy goodness. It was honey, lemon and ginger tea. She loved it so much, she had been making it often in her flat and making it became a ritual of ours throughout my stay.

I continue to make this and I still love it. I got my mom on the train and my boyfriend often times asks me for a cup when he comes home late from work.

All you need is of course hot water. Then, squeeze in some lemon and honey. Next, take a ginger root and try to cut the skin off very carefully with a knife. This does take some practice. Next, when you have a fair amount skinned, take a peeler and peel off some ginger. Then, toss it in with the honey and lemon and stir. Let it sit for a couple minutes for the juices from the ginger root to soak in there.

Try to pick natural, raw, organic ingredients. It you prefer it sweeter, add more honey. How much of what you like is up to you. Also, ginger can be pretty strong so be careful if you are not used to it. All of these ingredients are very healthy and will give you a good detox. Ginger is excellent for stomach issues and lemon is pH balancing as is honey. This combo strengthens your immune system and can nurse you back to health.

Try it out and enjoy!


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