Create a Healthy Smoothie

IMG_0860This past year, my mom introduced me to creating smoothies that will help keep your system pH balanced. (Note: pH balance in the body can be achieved by an alkaline-based diet aka eating certain foods that will keep the acidity of your body down, creating wellness. Bacteria and cancer cells do not thrive in more alkaline environments. I’ll do a more detailed post on this later, listing foods that are alkaline v. acidic. Until then, google it! It’s super interesting!)

Since living in the city can make eating healthy a bit more difficult, I started creating these smoothies for breakfast and even for after dinner on those nights I’d come home so tired all I could manage to make is boxed macaroni and cheese.

I read something somewhere that you should consider food like medicine and for some reason, this really resonated with me. It is so important for us to get the proper nutrition we need to be healthy but we sometimes backseat that to convenience. So, smoothies are the best option to easily get all the fruits and veggies we are missing.

The key to a beneficial smoothie is to not add fruit juice. There is so much sugar in juices, it’s absurd. Another important factor is to add veggies (yes veggies!). I know green juices can still weird some people out but there are ways to cover up the flavors you want and still ensure a healthy smoothie. Also, here is my advice to everyone who complains about the green juice: if you have ever been able to down shots in your life, you can do this too. I promise! And it’s healthy!

When I make one of these smoothies, I first pick my greens. Kale, spinach, broccoli and celery will all do well. Then I make sure to use alkaline fruits like strawberries, pineapples, mangos, berries and bananas. I usually freeze all this produce or buy it frozen to begin with. It is an excellent option for someone like me in the city where it is difficult to quickly run to the grocery store.

I add coconut oil, which we all know has extreme health benefits and turmeric which is a spice often used in Indian food which many beneficial properties, including being an excellent anti-inflammatory.

I then add either coconut water, almond milk or plain water. This keeps you hydrated, makes the smoothie easier to drink and, not to mention, is better for your blender. (I suggest a Nutribullet… I still don’t have one but my mom and boyfriend do and they are pretty magical!)

You can add other things you like such as cinnamon and variety of nuts and seeds. I promise, the taste will be better than you think and you’ll be doing wonders for your body! I always feel a little more rejuvenated when I have a smoothie than the days I pick something less nutritious.

Happy Sipping!


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