The Art of Drinking with Class During the Holidays

asdasderwrLet’s face it, alcohol is a huge part of young adult culture. This part of life is filled with a bunch of libation lovers. Though hopefully by the ladder part of your twenties, you are a little over it-for your health’s sake. And if not, your body probably is since your resiliency is shot. But realistically, drinking can be fun when done responsibly and alcohol isn’t going anywhere, it’s here to stay! However, binge drinking is unfortunately part of our culture and not only is it detrimental to our health and well-being, I’d say it can me harmful to our mental health. Everyone has had a moment after the day of drinking kicking themselves for something they said or did.

When you are well into your twenties, you are probably also well into your career. This means conferences, work happy hours and work lunches/dinners will be a part of your life and there will more often than not, be alcohol there. But this is your livelihood, not a college party so now it’s time to make sure you don’t have those post-drinking blues and keep it classy. (Too many comedies are built off of awkward run-ins at work functions, those tend to work out better in the movies).

In honor of work holiday party season, I decided to write a post with a few tips on how to keep yourself in check. (Though you’re only human, don’t kick yourself too much if you end up dancing to MC Hammer with the company CFO-not a true story.)


  • EAT

Eat a little bit before because there is usually a line for appetizers (or you get them sparingly if there are waiters walking around) and you don’t want to already be a drink or two deep and hungry. (BAD combo). Don’t spoil your appetite so you don’t get to enjoy the food at the party, but just be comfortably tied over.  And do not skimp. Pig out! That is what the food is there for. If you can (and if they are there) pick the healthier options but if not, it’s okay to indulge, just eat healthier the next day. (Realistically though, if you are drinking, let’s face facts, those calories can outweigh quite a few yummy snacks.)

  • PACE

It’s high time to learn how to nurse a drink. There isn’t a race going on. Enjoy your drink. Take your time. The drinks won’t run out.


Water is magical. It heals. Drink as much as you can and if it sounds unappealing, just concentrate on that headache you’ll probably have tomorrow and it may inspire you to chug the H2O.  Also, if you are one of those people who don’t like plain water, ask the bartender for a lemon to squeeze into it. Not only will that add flavor, but the benefits of lemon water are amazing, and also liver cleansing.

  • TALK

Be engaging, ask people questions, talk! Odds are the edge will be taken off a bit because everyone will at least have a little buzz. When you are talking and having a conversation, usually your lips are moving and it gives you less opportunity to keep up the sipping.


I find that focusing on other events or activities at a party keep me distracted. Whether or not there is faux gambling, a band, dancing, games or what not, get involved. It’ll give your brain something else to focus on. Especially, if you are a person who drinks when they are nervous or uncomfortable. Enjoy all aspects of the party!


I know this varies on the kind of Christmas Party you are at/what kind of co-workers you have, but honestly, sticking to beer and wine will make the night a lot more classy.


And that’s the best I can come up with. I’m pretty good at all of this, though I’m of course, not perfect. My biggest asset in doing this is  because I love food over alcohol, don’t like shots and I talk a lot, especially after just one glass of wine. So if you are looking to keep any party behavior at bay, as many try to manage and figure out in their twenties, this may help!





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